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Project Marketing Guide
As Lydia Marketing, we have been in the cryptocurrency market for about 4 years. We have worked with hundreds of projects and people and we are the most reliable marketing team in the market. We are aware that the resources of our customers are valuable and should be spent correctly, and we provide both marketing and consultancy services to each team. We only speak facts. We would rather lose money than lose the trust of our customers
Marketing Strategy Marketing strategy in the cryptocurrency market is one of the most important stages of a good software and planning team. You can be strong in software and technical sense. However, as long as you do not promote it to the communities, no one will see your work and there will be no demand.
1- Determine what your project aims at.
2- Explain this to your community in a simple way.
3-Determine a roadmap.
4-Be honest with your community and identify moderators that they can reach quickly.
5-Keep your social media accounts active.
6- Be sure to add marketing tax to your chart and be transparent when explaining it to the community.

As Lydia Marketing, we will first evaluate your project together.

1-Cryptocurrency project, Meme projects, Metaverse or NFT projects all have separate marketing methods.
2-We will not bother you with unnecessary details and work that will waste your resources.
3-We will present methods that may be of interest to direct investors and communities within your budget. Lydia Marketing- MARKETPAPER

Remember this!

If you have a good idea and a strong project, there is never a bear market with planned marketing.
Marketers may try to market you something with fancy sentences and unrealistic dreams.
If every marketing strategy works, make sure that the marketers will do it themselves.
Every thought and project is unique to itself. As Lydia Marketing, we preferred to make money by marketing them rather than making money from a crypto money project.
We are aware that as our customers make money, we will also earn. Please review all our services and let's create a strategy together.
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